Monday, December 28, 2009

From the Sketchbook.

Hey everyone, here is some more from my sketchbook. :D

So, I drew this thinking of Harold and Kumar, and basically mocking racism...Irene's family is from Romania, so I drew a cape an da Russian hat on her, cuz well, lots of people are ignorant and think Eastern Europe is Russia's toilet.  My family is from Nicaragua, and Califronians tend to think ANYTHING THAT SPEAKS SPANISH IS OBVIOUSLY MEXICAN, and the stereotype for me, is that I'm pregnant (cuz that's all Latinas seem to know how to in their eyes) and have pig tails, and happy about it.  lawd. 

Irene and I smoking a banana.

Irene just dancing at a Goth Club in Silver Lake. Not performing, she was dancing as a patron.
I was checking out this hot blond man, he was way out of my league, but it's always fun to look.

Basically I don't like Goth clubs much anymore, the people just fill me with rage.  Sometimes I wish I would get stoned before going to a Goth club to deal with the stupid.

I liked this one, Basically me defending myself against Manthers.  Manthers are older men, that prey on young women, cuz they think it's easier.

I worked up some nerve to try and talk to the hot Blond guy, but his hotter sexier gf, (I didnt know he had a gf) cockblocked I was defeated. I walked away. 

A reminder to myself to watch what I say infront of Isa-Chan, my roommate's daughter.  This has never happened, but if it did, it would turn out like this, and there would be massive lulz with Victor trying to kill me.

I hope you enjoyed these sketches. I truly appreciate you looking at my blog. :)

Thank you.

Karla Usagi

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