Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Margaret Cho/Dorothy

Hello friends,
I did this illustration for the Fullerton Hornet, I did the black and white one for the Newspaper which made it on today. So happy. I then went home, and decided to color her in as if she stepped into OZ

Please tell me what you think

I have Black /White and Color, and if you want it let me know I sell it to you. :D

$15.00 for a print.
$30 FRAMED plus 5.00 for shipping.

Thank you friends.

Have a good day!

Karla Usagi 2010 All Rights Reserved

Easy A, Latin Month, Recession FAiL

Hello Darlings, Ok these were the illustrations for the Hornet Newspaper I did for last week's issue.  Only the Recession one on the bottom was picked. The Easy A one was used Online, and the Day of the Dead girl appeared this week. :) I am very happy my art is improving with this. :D I hope you all Enjoy!

Karla Usagi Art 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Weezer and Resident Evil and Scott Pilgrim!

This was an illustration not used for the Fullerton Newspaper...It was hard to not draw too anime for once, if you want this, he's up for sale, I change the book.  I'm drawing a lot more men lately, so that's good.  So let me know if you want him, or you want to use him. I will be happy to change it for you. 

This was supposed to go with my review for the new Resident Evil movie, it didn't fit, so they didn't use it, I'm a little annoyed with that, but oh well, that's the news. :P

I was really hoping this one would have been used, but they didnt' use it, so it's Weezer.  If you know Weezer, let me know, I might Tweet it to them or something so they can be all happy over it.  But yeah let me know what you think.  This is on sale for $15.00  Out of LA/OC area, $20 cuz of shipping and handling.

Scott Pilgrim parody 1 not used in the school news paper. 
My own critique about the Scott Pilgrim movie, I sorta wish Ramona dealt with her shit ON HER OWN instead of having some manbaby save her, but at least Scott Pilgrim manned up in the end.  I love the series, it was well done, and I loved the game references. Just hope girls remember, that THEY NEED TO WORK ON THEIR OWN SHIT ON THEIR OWN.

Ok so that's the art that wasn't used. Tell me what you think. :)

I'll be back to posting original comics this week, my car broke down, so I ahve to figure a way to fix it.  And school has me going crazy.

Well take care darlings.

Karla Usagi

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fullerton Hornet Comics

Ok, so this is one of the illustrations I do for the School Newspaper. This is a small comic for the problems many Community College students face lately, with budget cuts, having to petition for classes they need.  The classes fill up so fast now due to SO MANY people trying to get into school.  This appeared on the Fullerton Hornet Newspaper on the first issue. 

This comic was also on the Fullerton Hornet Newspaper editorial about a city in Dublin Georgia ticketing people who wear baggy pants....AND THEY ARE FINING ADULTS..for wearing How HIGH SCHOOL is that? jeezus. 

An Illustration for the Frankenstein play that Fullerton College is having.  For more info: Frankenstein Play at Fullerton College  So it's nice that I get an opportunity to do artwork for such a large audience, and I get college credit for it. 

So, I'm available for commissions.  Please email me:

Friday, September 3, 2010

Karla vs Still Unemployed!

Yeah, been unemployed for a year now, maybe I'm just NSFW who knows...anyway I'm opening myself up for commissions, so please contact me if you want me to draw something for you, and also if you live in
the Los Angeles, San Gabriel Valley, and Orange County Area, and you want like a sketch artist there, let me know we'd discuss my rate.

thank you