Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fullerton Hornet Comics

Ok, so this is one of the illustrations I do for the School Newspaper. This is a small comic for the problems many Community College students face lately, with budget cuts, having to petition for classes they need.  The classes fill up so fast now due to SO MANY people trying to get into school.  This appeared on the Fullerton Hornet Newspaper on the first issue. 

This comic was also on the Fullerton Hornet Newspaper editorial about a city in Dublin Georgia ticketing people who wear baggy pants....AND THEY ARE FINING ADULTS..for wearing How HIGH SCHOOL is that? jeezus. 

An Illustration for the Frankenstein play that Fullerton College is having.  For more info: Frankenstein Play at Fullerton College  So it's nice that I get an opportunity to do artwork for such a large audience, and I get college credit for it. 

So, I'm available for commissions.  Please email me:

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