Sunday, November 25, 2012

Karla vs living in LA for a year.

Don't worry, I'll add more.

I was in comic book class for a while.  I have decided to postpone release of the book it's like 11 pages...and with school killing me I need more time to work on it.  The comic is done, but I'd have to redraw EVERYTHING cuz I failed at I'm going digital with this comic.  And doing the easiest thing I can to get this shit done.

Might have a launch party in Hollywood......who knows....

Anyway I got a new camera, and learning more I might have actual backgrounds in the comics...

the problem is the comics would be updated twice a month.

Cuz I want it too look good and I work a full time job.

EVENTUALLY will have a real website.  I've been posting everything to my blogs, but I'd like more foot traffic and easy access to my shops.

I am seriously glad I'm finally seriously able to do things now.

So thank you for patience lovies

Karla Usagi

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Queen Beryl and Sailor MOon fan art

did these for an art show I was supposed to be in, but due to school, limited time and funds at the time I bailed on it. :(

So I hope things get better.  I really do.

I work a full time job now, my comic book class is over, but I still need to finish the comic...cuz I have to REDRAW SHIT AGAIN and thankfully meeting with classmates still and we critique each other.  Just haven't cuz we all got sick and had to deal with stupid Hallloween.

My Illustrator class is horribly time consuming....I seriously have no idea how I'm going to get shit done, when most of the weekend I just wanna fuck off.

But anyway kids wish me luck.

I live in LA now, I have all the stuff I need I refuse to back off.


Some doodles

Sorry guys I"ll post a comic soon. Thanks for being sweet.

Comic class really killed me.