Sunday, November 25, 2012

Karla vs living in LA for a year.

Don't worry, I'll add more.

I was in comic book class for a while.  I have decided to postpone release of the book it's like 11 pages...and with school killing me I need more time to work on it.  The comic is done, but I'd have to redraw EVERYTHING cuz I failed at I'm going digital with this comic.  And doing the easiest thing I can to get this shit done.

Might have a launch party in Hollywood......who knows....

Anyway I got a new camera, and learning more I might have actual backgrounds in the comics...

the problem is the comics would be updated twice a month.

Cuz I want it too look good and I work a full time job.

EVENTUALLY will have a real website.  I've been posting everything to my blogs, but I'd like more foot traffic and easy access to my shops.

I am seriously glad I'm finally seriously able to do things now.

So thank you for patience lovies

Karla Usagi

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