Monday, March 8, 2010

Karla vs Taxi Driver

So yeah, I watched TAxi driver for the first time last's not something I'd really wanna see ever again, I dunno, I probably didn't get it, or thought y'know a creepy guy that stalks girls he likes wasn't a great character, but movies dont' provide a hero for you, they provide you to watch someone just suck and suck and suck til they figure shit out or die.......and you learn something "This could be you".

So yeah.

I'm the same way with Fight Club too, didn't get into it. Then again, for some reason I like smut and John Waters no i don't claim to have great movie tastes.

Had a long week you guys, sorry.I'm in 2 art shows THIS MONTH!, more details to be posted soon!
and also was proudly a part of Gothla this past weekend.. so yeah and Job Interviews. 


  1. Fight Club has many levels to it. It seeks to mock the idolization of material wealth within our society. It points out the way in which you and I and everyone we know fight against the system that we are so very much entangled in and yet very much ineffectual within. It is a character development of the way we are all emasculated because we will not change or go against the system that is in place and yet for anyone who does, the price of doing so can be filled with its own rewards and pitfalls.

    It's up to each and every person to realize what the middle ground between rebellion and subjugation is acceptable for society to exist while offering something worth living for in exchange.

  2. Lord Toxy pretty much nailed their commonality.

    Film can be a forum for internal dialogue, to help ask questions that we have difficulty considering in mere conversation. This is a major part of what makes films like Taxi Driver and Fight Club so important. They aren't mere escapism so much as a means to face some of the more troubling parts of ourselves and not merely offer simple, one dimensional answers.They also cleverly expose modern day ennui in ways that few popular films can, and while it may seem depressing to some, art can function as a cathartic mirror to help us work internally and see why it is this sort of thematic material worries us so. Perhaps then, we may discover more about ourselves, and offer new ideas to the table. Let's not forget A Clockwork Orange as well. :)

  3. PS - Travis is not a hero. That's part of the point.

  4. For some strange reason I like A Clockwork Orange, and those guys were huge creeps and assholes. I don't know why I like that movie. It's crazy. Fight Club, again, I don't hate it, I probably didn't get something when I watched it 10 years ago, I might wanna watch it again now in my late 20's, maybe I'll get it. :P

    I knew Travis wasn't a hero, I felt pity for him, but No joke, in punk stores, and some pop culture, they try to make him a hero, a revolutionary... :P