Friday, April 30, 2010

More from Karla's Sketchbook GOOD STUFF!

Lolita drawing, and the next one is me drinking coffee thing from Rainbow Room..yeah, Coffee high!

Out with my boyfriend...I am hyper....yay!
So, went to a Goth Club, and there is this one guy that well, he's uber goth when he goes out so I decided to draw him in this picture.  I like Death Rock music a lot. 

Irene and I running away from the Rainbow Room...jeezus, all those Manthers... the last picture there, to the right...yeah, I go to this bar, and know one of the girls that does table dancing, this is a funny idea I got in my head....Her asking me to dance at the bar with her out of boredom, and me failing so hard I fall off...lulz ensue.

Well friends here are some sketches, my birthday week has been crazy, and I have an art show next Saturday so I'm gonna be busy......and sadly no comic this week. :( I'll work one up for you though ok darlings.


Karla Usagi

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