Thursday, August 5, 2010

Karla is Unemployed AGAIN!

Yeah, i had a horrible terrible job for 3 weeks for a small video game company near me.  I worked with some tactless morons without any manners....the coworkers were nice, but the managers were horrible  So enjoy

Sorry the comics are a month behind friends.  That job took a lot out of me. 

So I'm accepting commissions.


  1. Oh Karla, i totally know how you feel. The last "temp" job I had in Hawaii was like that. Very shitty training, no guidance in what the hell i was doing, always getting bitched at for asking questions and making me feel stupid for asking them, and that was my boss. There was another pyscho-c***t "office manager" who thought she was my boss, who made my life hell!!! She would announce all my little mistakes (i.e left a non-important doc on a printer) on an email and CC's everyone in the company!! Over all, those shitty jobs just make you feel like your a dumb shit, which we are not. I'm glad I was laid-off because it opened up new opportunities, which will be the same in your case too.


  2. I sure hope so dear. Yeah this lady would correct me infront of other people. It was so horrible. I'm basically bashing this company anyplace I can.

  3. You deserve better. Companies like this are dying left and right in this economy, and are cutting corners wherever they can as if it's 2003. What you likely witnessed was the beginning of the death throes. The ones who will survive will work toward understanding not only their core audience, but also their workers.

    Believe me, I'm coming off of a gig not too terribly removed from this nonsense. Some businesses are so detached, it's hard to believe they survived this long.

  4. This company was horrible. I wanna name them but don't want them freaking out. It's a video game company in Rosemead, CA. It is a distribution center, it sucked, run horribly by people that STILL THINK THEY CAN RUN BUSINESS LIKE THEY ARE IN HONG KONG. It sucks. :( I hope this place closes down, but it's been around for a while, cuz they run on money from Hong Kong

  5. I hate to sound like an asshole, but I've grown more weary of working for people from Asia, cuz of their xenophobia. :(