Sunday, December 12, 2010

Live Drawing events and sketches.

Hey sweeties,
I have been in some Live drawing events the past 2 months, been busy with school, and finals and studying for them have been killing me.  I'm all registered for next semester so yay!

I have 2 events here to share with you.

The first is Turkish Deilghts hosted by Donavon Lerman and Jennifer Fabos Patton who does Gallery Girls many wonderful entertainers were there, I had a great time. It was a pleasure and honor to work with such talented people, and also, Vedat   makes the best Turkish coffee ever. Jason Savvy spinned awesome. And great music was played by Lisima Ok, wow provided lots of links, but I want you to check it out.

Anyway to the drawings! for Turkish Delights.

Beautiful Dancer

Bitty is on the top right, and Beautiful Dancer

Jennifer on the bottom left, Donavon top right, Beautiful models around woot!

Donavon and Jennifer posing.  Me in a "Belly Dance Arab Girl" costume

Vedat and Donavon doing a High Five.  Bitty in the back taking pics.  Irene and I beaten with High Fives!

Me reacting to Vedat's Turkish Coffee.
So it was a pleasure to work with ya'll. Thank you so much. Please check these links out, they hold awesome events, and they are a great group of people.  My She-Mance Performed that night, and sadly didn't catch her performance to draw it.

So Ok, the next set of drawings are from Triple the Nipple held at the Kung Pao Kitty on Hollywood Blvd. So here we go!

Gene Blalock and James and Desiree

My wonderful bf James Boring he does hair on Melrose, CHECK IT OUT! EXTENSIONS! PUNK ROCK HAIR! ROCK AND ROLL HAIR!
Desiree and random people

Chez and his gf on the top left, and random people

DJ Rawk and Desiree

DJ Rawk and his gf

Kung Pao Kitty Bar

Ok, so Gene asked me to draw Morpheus doing Egyptian dance, that's him on the bottom right punching me and Gene. H didn't really though, just added for lulz. lol!

This was done at the last Ruin Night Gallery I was a part of.  Brazen Strumpet, Heidi Bluegirl, Tea Miller, and Julian Black

Ok, whew what a post, just wanna make sure everyone checks stuff out and thank you everyone for letting me a part of your events, and I look forward to working with you darlings again VERY soon!


Karla Usagi

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