Monday, November 14, 2011

Deviant Kade

Met him 2 years ago at the Hive Gallery, seriously I got an art boner for him, cuz of his look and his "sexy boy" image I was like "This is why I wanna draw sexy dudes, instead of just women all the time". Due to lack of confidence when I first met him, it took me 2 years to do this. :( But now I am more confident in my art and willing to let more people see it and draw them now.

he's a really cool guy and a super cool model. :)

Um..this website isn't work don't bitch
Deviant Kade just I totally love his look, and I kept drawing him for a while, but got too shy to show it off. NOw I'm ok with it. He was actually an inspiration for the Pollen Boys piece I did a while back, and it got me to wanna finally draw him the way I wanted to.

so yay!

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