Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Karla vs Pills! and Monster high!

Hey kids, to give you an update...on WHY i'm in pain, well...I got hit by a car door last week while riding my bike home from work. went to Urgent Care, got an Xray done, and well I just have a bruised rib...THANK GOD. Been taking my meds...and pills..and well, found out that one of the pills I'm taking is horribly addictive...and noticed that's the one they prescribed to me to take a higher dosage. Seriously, the Medical/Pharmaceutical industry, is NO DIFFERENT to me than buying drugs from the street sometimes..jeezus. Luckily I've been taking lower doses anyway....but the pain flares up....and have to take another pill :( the other pill I'm taking, is not as addictive. Just wow. Sad. I haven't driven my car or rode my bike in a week. I miss riding my bike, but I'm still too scared to get on it..and as far as driving goes, the pain meds make me VERy sleepy...:( So. had to miss school today. :( I seriously hope this shit heals already...It's gotten better, but I dont' wanna over do it y'now. Been NOT moving my torso thankully. So that's what happaned! Also:
I like Monster High. Deal with it. Ok kids, that's it. Have a good one!


  1. I miss being able to ride a bike, myself. It used to be one of my favorite activities.

    Hope you get better soon.

  2. this is cooler than a crotch shot!