Sunday, May 12, 2013

Some pencil doodles I do at work

I drew this in March, It was cold. 

My boyfriend James and me. 

James and I scared 

my feeling about the Oscars.  I give 0 fucks about it. 

Fan art for JackFace by Seraph Film's Horror Haiku channel

Yvette made a weird joke about going to Veggie Grill, and she mentioned demons. 

Sailor Vampira 


I made a mean comment about an ex boyfriend. I didn't feel bad about it. 

Realized I was friends with some psycho people. 

Me and John. 

Me and child me. 

Another Horro Haiku Fan art. 

Sharon Needles 

My Southern Devil Girl haven't figured out a name for her...

people being stupid, my reaction 

my response to Conspiracy Theory idiots.  

more stupid. 

Why I don't attend Drink and Draw, I should and I could mingle, but honestly I can't handle the ego stroking and people shaming me for having a day job. 

I drew my friends and i. 

My response to people making stupid decisions. 

I sent a picture to a guy I used to fuck, and his gf found it, and got butthurt.  

my reaction to stupid 

Idiots think that my friend John is fucking all of us.  Cuz for some reason the Goth scene has too many bored immature assholes that can't seem to get off the computer. 

A dumbass got buttmad over the movie "White Chicks" I laughed so hard at this stupidity. 

I saw a picture of a guy I used to date/fuck 

Yes, these are little doodles, I do these at work when I see something stupid on the internet.  

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