Friday, August 31, 2012

KArla vs "REAL GEEK"

There has been some crap lately with "real" geeks/nerds giving shit to the "fake" geeks/nerds. 

Cuz well being a geek is so trendy now.  And Like veterans in a scene they have to protect it, cuz when the geek fad is over, it will be hidden again,.

But yeah apparently you can't be attractive and be a geek, so excuse me for bathing.

I understand they feel that they were picked on, suffered, and got the battle scars from High school. But y'know, get over it.

I was picked on too, for being a weird kid and being a huge geek, and liking anime.

That doens't make me more of a geek than anyone else.

I for one love that more girls are getting into anime and liking geeky stuff.  But then you have idiots with no social skills scaring girls away from video's so weird.  When I splayed Street Fighter 2 in the arcade 20 years AGO no and I mean NO ONE CARED.  I never got shit for being a girl, and I lived in a pretty Conservative town.

Seriously, we are all geeks about something.



  1. I grew up on x-files and Pokemon dude. I feel your woe. >.> Stupid elitists, everyone can geek on anything.