Sunday, August 19, 2012

Some graphics for my blogs, for fun.

 This is a cute little Link picture I did...been wanting to do it for a while. So yeah eventually when you see this, it will take you to my LiveJournal and you can read about all the stupid shit I do in my personal life.
 HEre I post reviews about places I go to.  I sorta take reviewing and spreading the word to local businesses easily and still learning how to be a better reviewer, cuz bitch I want perks!
random pretty girl walking on Wilshire the other day.  I had just come home from the gym, and she didn't think I was homeless.

HEre some art guys, haven't been able to do comics cuz I'm still trying to play with my Wacom and Photoshop, an dI'm in an art show this Friday, will be posting details in a bit.  Have to draw my heroine first.

Later kids!

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